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- 01 / 04 / 2018 -
Tax; Finance; Banking

Currently, the legal system on tax for the enterprises is quite complicated; if enterprises do not understand clearly on the tax laws, it will be difficult for them to avoid risks, affect the business badly, or violate tax obligations. Therefore, the lawyer’s tax consulting services plays a very important role for the enterprises.

With a team of lawyers specializing in tax policies, especially tax policies related to enterprises, BIZLAWYER has developed tax consultancy services for domestic and foreign enterprises with the following contents:
  • To consult the tax law for the enterprises after establishment;
  • At the start-up phase, we will provide tax consulting services with the following services;
  • Advise on the tax code registration;
  • Advise on the account declaration, tax declaration and tax payment;
  • Advise on the tax refund procedures for related taxes;
  • Consult the tax settlement, make financial statements;
  • Consult the procedures for tax exemption, reduction and tax incentives;
  • Consult the regulations on the invoice usage, documents;
  • Advise on the complaints and denunciations as well as deal with violations in the field of taxation;
  • Provide the necessary tax forms;
  • Consult the tax law for the enterprises in their operations;
Along with many difficulties in the business process, the enterprises can not avoid difficulties and problems related to tax, especially in the implementation of tax obligations. This will lead to tax violations, bad influence on tax authorities, or business partners ….
In the course of business operations, BIZLAWYER will provide tax services with the following contents:
  • Advise on the preparation and finalization the tax record¬† system for the enterprises in accordance with the present laws;
  • Update legal documents on taxes, particular tax law related to business operation of the enterprises;
  • Represent the enterprises to work with the tax authorities as well as other individuals, organizations and agencies while the enterprises has tax violations;
  • Compile documents of the enterprise income’s tax exemption and reduction and other taxes;
  • Consult to make periodical financial reports, monthly tax reports;
  • Make financial statements at the end of the year – Final settlement of taxes;
  • Consult the tax procedures in organization and rearrangement of enterprises;
  • Advise on tax procedures (close tax codes) in the organization and rearrangement of enterprises;
  • Advise other matters as requested by the enterprises and within the regulation of the law.