Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a common activity of a market economy, especially in unpredictable economic times. Accordingly, M&A helps the enterprises to seize growth opportunities, expand the market shares, restructure their enterprise and help them avoid bankruptcy or dissolution.

When dealing with Mergers and Acquisitions, lawyers play a very important role. With a team of experienced lawyers, BIZLAWYER will provide consultancy and assistance to the enterprises to conduct Mergers and Acquisitions in an efficient and professional manner with the following activities:

To advise domestic and foreign legal issues related to corporate mergers and acquisitions for domestic invested enterprises as well as foreign invested enterprises in Vietnam or sell shares for foreign investors;

To consult and assess the risk or potential of the enterprises. Support or carry out due diligence reports to check the legal status of the business on matters such as taxes, liabilities, labor, business ability to make recommendations;

To assign lawyers on the behalf of the enterprises to participate in the negotiation on mergers and acquisitions between the parties. On that negotiation, to consult the formulation, elaboration and supervision of the performance of the Mergers and Acquisitions contract;

To represent to register the Mergers and Acquisitions process with the competent authorities.

To advise on legal issues regarding term, procedures, conditions for asset conversion, conversion of capital shares and plans for employment of the enterprises;

To consult and represent for disputes arising from merger and acquisition activities with related individuals, organizations and agencies;

To introduce customers who need a merger and acquisition.

We are pleased to cooperate for the interests and prosperity of the clients