Litigation and Dispute Resolutions

BIZLAWYER has a team of professionals with years of experience in dispute resolution and in-depth knowledge of the business operation; has ability to participate in dispute resolution through negotiation, reconciliation with skills are exercised through the litigation process at all levels of the Courts. In addition to the achievements we have made, we are always working hard to bring more valuable contribution to the society. We are extremely proud that our many clients show consideration and appreciation for the quality of our legal services. With the available resources and aspirations to contribute to the society with great values ​​in our profession, we are always ready to resolve any dispute to protect the legitimate rights and interests for our clients.
Here are our main services in this field:
Comprehensive assessment which includes legal issues related to the disputes to advise the clients on the selection of effective solutions to resolve the disputes in an efficient, quick and cost-effective manner;
To propose negotiation options for the clients; participate in the negotiation process to settle civil, commercial and labor disputes at the request of the clients;
To advise and assist the clients in preparing the necessary documents for dispute settlement;
To represent the clients to contact the appropriate authorities to resolve disputes in case of permitted by the law;
To participate in the legal proceedings at all levels of the courts at the request of clients;
To participate in the legal proceedings at commercial arbitration in commercial, business disputes;
To consult the resolution in special procedures after two-level trial: To appraise the cassation or reopening records; prepare dossiers and apply the request for consideration through cassation or reopening procedure;
To advise the clients on risk mitigation strategies and prevent disputes in business operations and in specific transactions.
We are pleased to cooperate for the interests and prosperity of the clients