Intellectual Property

In the current trend of globalization, Intellectual Property occupies a significant place for the socio-economic development of every nations. Intellectual Property rights have been asserting an indispensable role in the process of forming a comprehensive economy and sustainable development. The reality is that many companies and businesses around the world have been very successful thanks to their effective exploitation of intellectual property rights. When being focused and exploited optimally, this “intangible” asset will help the enterprises to strengthen their strengths, enhance their position, prestige and competitiveness to increase sales and profits.
It is important to recognize the fact that intellectual property rights in Vietnam are being violated more and more complexly and increasingly. Counterfeit goods, pirated goods, contraband goods… are sold openly everywhere. Copyrights are infringed on social networks without sentence process. This risk will increase as we open up the market more widely.
The 2005 Intellectual Property Law has limited many intellectual property violations. However, there are some articles incompatible with the international law which exposed the limited, inadequate implementation in the past years. However, with a team of highly experienced lawyers and legal specialists, BIZLAWYER will solve all of these problems for our clients, giving them the best results.
Below are the services that BIZLAWYER provides to the clients in Intellectual Property field:
To look up and register trademarks for the clients;
To consult and represent the clients to perform trademark protection measurements;
To register for the copyright;
To consult the copyright law;
To settle complaints and disputes about the violations of copyright;
To consult and draft the technology transfer contracts;
To consult and draft the license contracts;
To consult and register industrial designs;
To register inventions, utility solutions and industrial designs;
To consult and transfer the rights to use or the ownership of intellectual property rights;
To concult and represent the clients in disputes and claims related to the establishment of intellectual property rights.
We are pleased to cooperate for the interests and prosperity of the clients