Banking - Finance

Finance and Banking is a field that has attracted the attention of investors in general as well as the enterprises in particular, so it has become increasingly important. Banking and finance consulting services are provided by various experts and laywyers who are knowledgeable in this field. In order to become a specialized banking & finance consultant, BIZLAWYER has built up a team of highly qualified lawyers with excellent and acumen skills to provide the clients with Banking and finance consulting services as following:
1. Research and provide solutions for the commercial banks to finance for projects such as infrastructure, construction, real estate;
2. Consult, draft, review and appoint lawyers to participate in the negotiation of the credit contracts, pledge, mortgage, finance leasing contracts, insurance contracts, loan contracts, project financing;
3. Carry out the procedures for registering secured transactions and the handling of secured assets at the authorities;
4. Consult the development of internal management processes, professional processes for the banks and financial companies;
5. Consult and participate in the dispute settlement in the field of finance and banking in the judicial organizations such as the arbitration and the courts;
Advise on investing in financial funds;
6. Advise on licences to establish and operate the banks, branches and representative offices of foreign banks in Vietnam;
7. Consult regularly legal issues for the banks, financial institutions;
8. Advise on matters related to the handling of secured assets of the bank or the financial institution;
9. Consult the legal issues related to financial leasing (draft the contracts, represent in the dispute settlement);
10. Other financial legal services are permitted by law.
We are pleased to cooperate for the interests and prosperity of the clients