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When accessing, commenting or using any content or images published in website, user agreed that you have read, understand and agree all terms of Intellectual Property Policy is stated below:

Object of intellectual property right in the scope of Intellectual Property Policy shall be considered as all contents including but not limited to website: interfaces, graphic design, software program, code, brand, logo, graphics, articles, texts, images, audio, music, video, commentary, information, …. uploaded by BIZLAWYER to or any other social networking site, application or promotion channel including but not limited to, Instagram, Twitter… included all contents that have the author name is bizlawyer or any other third-party.

We, BIZLAWYER & PARTNERS Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as BIZLAWYER), hereby notify that BIZLAWYER is the legal owner of the Object of intellectual property right mentioned above and those objects are protected under the Intellectual Property Law and other legal provisions.

User has the right to refer the content, information on the website but must cite the source as well as provide the link to the original document to ensure the intellectual property right of BIZLAWYER. All behavior including but is not limited to copying, citing, republishing in whole or in part, distribution, circulation, modification, translation, compilation … all or part of the content on Bizlawyer’s website for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the prior written consented by BIZLAWYER is considered as an infringement of intellectual property law, except for the copy of the forms and legal newsletters from the website.

BIZLAWYER shall have the right to request the violating party to immediately stop the breach and pay compensations for damage according to the provisions of law. User agreed not to take any action in order to disable or otherwise violating behaviours to any functions such as security, blocking, banning, and copying in website, social networking sites, applications or other promotional channels that BIZLAWYER manages.

Any disputes relating to the intellectual property rights mentioned above will be through negotiation, where the negotiation fails, the parties have the right to request the Vietnamese court to handle the case, the law applicable to the settlement in this case is the law of Vietnam. BIZLAWYER will be exempted from liability if the dispute arises in the cases specified in the above Disclaimer.

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