With the growth of the domestic and foreign economy, along with the legal system in general and the law on enterprise is getting increasingly diverse, complex and inadequate. The enterprises themselves can not grasp the changes of the laws to anticipate and prevent legal risks in business. Therefore, the legal counsel from the lawyers for the business plays an important role. BIZLAWYER is proud of being the leading consulting company in Vietnam. We have a team of lawyers and associates with strong professional qualifications in the legal fields related to business activities in order to meet the highest requirements of the clients.
Our enterprise consulting services are included but not limited to the following:
To consult and perform business establishment procedures;
To provide legal advice for the enterprises regularly;
To provide legal consultancy on the drafting, excution of the contracts, transactions;
To consult, represent or appoint lawyers to participate in protecting the legitimate interests of the enterprises, to negotiate or settle the disputes at the commercial arbitration or the courts;
To advise the enterprises on matters of labor law, salary, insurance;
To consult on changing enterprise forms and the procedures for changing the contents of business registration;
To advise on the resolution of internal disputes;
To provide related legal documents as required;
To consult and represent to do the temporary suspension of business procedures;
To consult and represent to do the business dissolution procedures;
To consult, represent and appoint lawyers to represent or protect the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprises in the course of bankruptcy at the competent courts;
Other services as requested by the enterprises and within the regulation of the law.
We are pleased to cooperate for the interests and prosperity of the clients