Real Estate & Construction

On the basis of extensive knowledge, along with a deep understanding of real estate and construction, we have been providing our clients with the best consulting products in this field. We have advised many clients on the preparation and negotiation of real estate leases. At the same time, we represent many clients in many different stages of the construction process, from site location to construction project approval. Construction projects that we advise including new urban development projects, plant construction, supermarkets, recreation facilities, and other types of projects. In addition, we also advise many domestic and foreign construction contractors to help them operate effectively in accordance with the law in Vietnam.
Here are our main services in this field:
Collect, provide information on planning and policies of the goverment on investment in real estate projects;
Consult the negotiation, draft and sign agreements on investment cooperation, transfer the land use rights among investors for the implementation of the project;
Consult, draft, review and negotiate the contracts in the field of construction investment;
Consult, draft documents and on behalf of the clients to apply for permits during the investment preparation and implementation phase;
Advise on conditions, procedures for raising capital, draft documents and develope procedures for mobilizing capital for the project;
Consult the conditions, rules and procedures for termination of investment projects, exploitation and use of facilities;
Consult the transfer, lease of the project and other related issues.
We are pleased to cooperate for the interests and prosperity of the clients