With a deep understanding of business knowledge as well as the legal systems in the field of commerce, we aim to provide our clients with the best consulting products. Along with the continuous development of the economy and the commercial law system, we have been constantly adjusting and upgrading our consulting services to ensure the quality of our consultancies while maintaining our strong reputation securely in the hearts of our clients. Currently, we not only provide legal services in the trading goods, services, investment activities in the form of direct and indirect investment but also support the business process of the clients through the form of trading promotion. In addition, we provide services to handle the clients’ disputes arising in the course of business to ensure maximum benefit for the rights and interests of the clients.
Here are our main services in this field:
To consult to choose the form of investment; to propose suitable solutions to the investment projects for the clients to choose;
To negotiate, draft and modify civil/commercial contracts, including trading contracts, product distribution contracts, property lease contracts, agency/service contracts, and other types of contracts, on behalf of and/or with the clients involve in the negotiation and signing contracts;
To consult the laws and practices applicable to domestic and foreign trade; commercial intermediary activities in domestic and foreign trade such as agencies, outsourcing, entrustment, international payment operations, international transportation and warehousing, franchising, domestic investment and invest to foreign countries;
To consult on the preparation of documents required by the domestic and international law; on behalf of the client, to work with the competent authorities to obtain the necessary approvals for commercial transactions;
To consult and represent the clients in the process of resolving commercial disputes at the competent Court or Arbitration;
To consult and represent the clients and industry associations in the initiation and investigation of anti-dumping lawsuit, subsidy and safeguard cases.
We are pleased to cooperate for the interests and prosperity of the clients