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- 01 / 04 / 2018 -
Labor; Production; Trading


Workers are the main component of producing wealth and material, and the driving engine behind the economic growth. Along with the rapid development of the market economy, labor law relations are being formed and developed. In labor law relations, there are always latent factors that create conflicts and disputes. The methods to solve labor problems will affect efficiency and productivity in the work environment. In the field of labor, BIZLAWYER has extensive experience and expertise in all matters related to labor law, which can bring you the following legal services:

  • Advise on the structure, main contents of the collective labor agreement, labor rules and regulations of the enterprises with adjustments appropriate to the business activities and organizational structure of the enterprises;
  • Draft the collective labor agreement, rules and regulations of the enterprises;
  • Advise on legal issues related to labor in Vietnam, such as labor contracts, wages and allowances, probation, labor policy, termination and compensation. Analyze and advise key terms of the labor contract, including personal income tax, rights and obligations, disputes;
  • Draft the labor contracts and related agreements.
  • Advise on the procedures and conditions for termination of labor contract or dismissal; Represent the enterprises negotiating on issues related to termination of labor contract or dismissal;
  • Advise on compensation, severance pay, job loss, unemployment and other allowances related to the termination of the labor contract;
  • Consult the settlement of labor disputes.
  • Represent and protect legitimate rights and interests of labor dispute resolution businesses at the autorities and/or courts in Vietnam.



Production or production of material goods is a major activity in human economic activities. Manufacturing is also the process of making products for using and for trade exchange. In the production process, the enterprises can have production plans and strategies to develop their potentials. However, besides the production strategies of the enterprises, there are often hidden problems. Therefore, the enterprises should have appropriate solutions to prevent and timely measurement for such problems to avoid the unwanted recurrence. With the production consultancy, BIZLAWYER has a lot of experience and in-depth expertise on all aspects of production, can provide you with the following legal services:

  • Consult the conditions related to production activities;
  • Consult the product manufacturing process;
  • Environmental protection, production safety;
  • Consult the development and apply the quality management system standardized by the International Organization for Standardization according to the national standard TCVN ISO 9001: 2008;
  • Consult and implement the application for certificate of qualified evaluation of quality management system;
  • Consult to ensure ISO (quality, condition standard);
  • Consult to implement and apply food safety management system (ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC …);
  • Advise on food safety and hygiene;



Commercial activities are lucrative business activities; This includes trading goods, the providing services, investment, trade promotion and other profit-making activities. That is why it is a very important activity for the development of a business. Regarding consulting activities in the field of commerce, with the experience and knowledge of the law and investment environment in Vietnam and abroad, BIZLAWYER can provide legal services to clients efficiently, with main contents as follows:

  • Legal advice on market entry capacity as well as appropriate forms of operation/trading for domestic and foreign traders.
  • Consult, draft and make necessary adjustments for all types of commercial contracts such as international trading goods contracts, franchise contracts, distribution contracts, business cooperation contracts, service providing contract …
  • Consult and support the clients to participate in negotiations with partners in commercial transactions;
  • Analyze potential legal risks in the implementation of the transaction and propose preventive measures.
  • Represent the clients to carry out procedures such as registering with commercial organizations, registering commercial franchising, registering for distribution of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in Vietnam, advertising authorization …
  • Provide services to support the implementation of commercial activities in Vietnam and foreign through the form of setting up representative offices and branches.
  • Advise on the conditions for the performance of commercial contracts, rights and obligations of parties when signing trading goods contracts.
  • Consult, assist and represent the clients in solving disputes arising during the implementation of commercial transactions;
  • Represent and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the clients at the judicial organizations.