Banks raise deposit interest rates
In need of raising medium and long term capital, which serves business activities at the end of the year and reduction in the ratio ...
Franchise explosion in Vietnam
Franchise has facilitated many foreign brands to break into Vietnam. In addition to franchise industry for food, beverage or education, franchising in goods retail industry...
6 leading economic sectors in Central region
There are 6 coastal and marine economic sectors mainly developed in the Central region, which creating positives results ...
91.9% companies are optimistic about production activities in the last 6 months this year
FDI companies sector is witnessed a positive production volume, 91.1% of which are expected to increase or remain their volume ...
CPTPP makes shift of Vietnam from deficit to surplus
Most signed free trade agreements (FTA) have reflected that Vietnam always run deficit trend ...
- 01 / 04 / 2018 -
Structuring and Governance
In order to operate effectively and sustainably, every enterprise must have an appropriate form of structure and organization for the criteria to become distinct, and what all the enterprises should always pay attention first is the legitimacy. Compliance with the law is always the foundation for all forms of structure and organization, to be able to bring into full play their role in the future and destiny of the business. In relation to the structure/organization consulting business, to ensure the legal issues and avoid all risks for the customers, BIZLAWYER provides the following legal services:
  • Consult the establishment and operation of the enterprises, branches, representative offices and business locations;
  • Advise on activities related to the purchase and sale of shares of the shareholders; financial investment activities (capital contribution, share purchase) of the clients at other enterprises;
  • Consult to build organizational model and corporate management;
  • Advise on stock issuance, anti-dilution and control modes of business management and administration;
  • Consult the enterprises, hold meetings of the Shareholders’ Meeting, Board of Management of joint stock companies; Board of Member’s meeting for limited companies;
  • Consult the M&A the enterprises or projects;
  • Legal advice in the case there are conflict problems among owners or implement the corporate development strategies or business restructuring: split or merger;
  • Consult to change the form of operation of the business;
  • Consult the dissolution of the enterprises (consultancy on dissolution conditions, procedures for liquidation of assets, tax finalization upon dissolution of enterprises);
  • Consult the business conditions of the enterprises;
  • Legal review of structure, organization and operation through the drafting, modification of documents issued by the board of management of enterprises;
  • Consult and guide to check the compliance with the law, the report and the disclosure of legal documents and internal documents issued by the enterprises;
  • Consult and provide services to consolidate legal documents of the enterprises (business registration, tax, labor …) to avoid legal risks from inspection and audit organizations;
  • Warn about the legal risks in the corporate management as well as the business operations.