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Franchise explosion in Vietnam
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6 leading economic sectors in Central region
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91.9% companies are optimistic about production activities in the last 6 months this year
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CPTPP makes shift of Vietnam from deficit to surplus
Most signed free trade agreements (FTA) have reflected that Vietnam always run deficit trend ...
- 01 / 04 / 2018 -
Reconciliation, arbitration
Mediation is a mandatory process before requesting a settlement of most disputes. Simultaneously, this is a quick and economical way of settling disputes. Concerning the mediation process, BIZLAWYER is confident with extensive legal knowledge and has many years of experience in mediating disputes, helping the clients in mediation. Mediation can remove conflicts, disagreements, maximizes its benefits without affecting the relationship between the two. The dispute mediation services provided by BIZLAWYER to clients are as follows:
  • Collect information and documents from the clients on the dispute;
  • Analyze and evaluate the collected information and documents to determine the type of dispute for mediation;
  • Advise the clients on the relevant legal provisions related to their rights and obligations;
  • Advise on the procedures for mediation;
  • Prepare to build and offer the mediation solution for the clients to choose;
  • Consult and assist the clients to implement legal authorization for the representative;
  • Actively participate in the mediation sessions to protect the interests of the clients;
  • Assist the clients in filing a lawsuit if the mediation fails or one of the parties fails to implement the mediation agreement.
In a market economy, the enterprises want to build trust and maintain long-term economic relationships with their partners to ensure that their business and trade are stable and developed. However, there are occasional subjective and objective reasons, the economic and commercial relations between the enterprises also have disagreements and conflicts leading to disputes in the implementation of commitments. Consequently, there is a need for fast, cost-effective dispute resolution and be able to maintain a mutually beneficial business relationship. To resolve such disputes with commercial arbitration is one of the ways to meet those requirements. Concerning the mediation by commercial arbitration, BIZLAWYER represents the clients in litigation protection at the arbitration center including the following:
  • Study the commercial contract that the clients have signed, and other records, documents and information provided by the clients for the legal review of the whole case;
  • Consult and propose dispute resolution for the clients to consider and select;
  • Assist the clients in dealing with relevant agencies, organizations and individuals to solve the case and/or identify and gather the evidences of the case;
  • Compile the petition to file at the arbitration center for the initiation of a lawsuit;
  • Support the clients in the process of exchanging and working with trading partners to find ways to solve problems arising between the clients and their trading partners;
  • Advise on the procedure and prepare the case file before the arbitration;
  • Assist the clients in drafting documents to be sent to the trading partner, the individual and/or the authorities in the course of the case;
  • Assist the clients in gathering evidences and information related to the case;
  • In case of necessity, assist the clients in carrying out the procedures to request the arbitrators to apply provisional measures in order to block the payment for the trading partners who opened the L/C at the Bank;
  • Assist the clients in seeking and proposing the appointment of a member to the arbitration council at the arbitration center;
  • Act as a lawyer to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the clients during the dispute resolution process;
  • Work with the trading partners authorized by the clients at the arbitration center.