Banks raise deposit interest rates
In need of raising medium and long term capital, which serves business activities at the end of the year and reduction in the ratio ...
Franchise explosion in Vietnam
Franchise has facilitated many foreign brands to break into Vietnam. In addition to franchise industry for food, beverage or education, franchising in goods retail industry...
6 leading economic sectors in Central region
There are 6 coastal and marine economic sectors mainly developed in the Central region, which creating positives results ...
91.9% companies are optimistic about production activities in the last 6 months this year
FDI companies sector is witnessed a positive production volume, 91.1% of which are expected to increase or remain their volume ...
CPTPP makes shift of Vietnam from deficit to surplus
Most signed free trade agreements (FTA) have reflected that Vietnam always run deficit trend ...
- 01 / 04 / 2018 -
Negotiation is the exchange of mutual satisfaction between the parties for the purpose of co-developing and agreeing on the schedule, business plan, measurement or jointly resolve an arising dispute. Negotiation is an important step, through negotiation, the parties demonstrate their will, agreement on unconvincing opinions, and have better understanding of their partners. In order to ensure effective negotiation, avoid the risks, and have the best protection of rights and interests, the clients often seek legal counsel for advices. BIZLAWYER is a professional unit with many years of experience in negotiating, fully capable of assessing and analyzing potential risks in each transaction as well as each contract so as to provide advices on plans, solutions or contract signing, evaluating and drafting contract terms in order to protect the maximum rights and legitimate interests of clients while avoiding risks in that transaction as well as strictly comply with the law for the clients. Regarding the negotiation representation to ensure the benefits of cooperation and to enter cooperation contracts between the parties, the following legal services are provided:
  • Represent to negotiate the settlement of labor disputes;
  • Represent to negotiate the settlement of trade disputes;
  • Represent to negotiate the clearance compensation under the project;
  • Represent to negotiate the business contracts;
  • Consult, draft the appropriate types of contracts to be signed;
  • Plan method, schedule and negotiation process;
  • Negotiate preliminarily, prepare the draft contract to conduct formal negotiations;
  • Represent to negotiate the contract;
  • Complete the inspection, approve the draft contract to ensure the agreement between the parties and let the clients formally sign the contract;
  • Consult and evaluate all legal aspects of the contract so that the contract is formulated to ensure all conditions of form and content in accordance with the law;
  • Participate in the negotiations with the clients’ partners to sign contracts at the request of the clients;
  • Review and draft the contract on the basis of the content of the negotiation between the parties at the request of the clients, etc.;
  • Evaluate the legal validity of the contracts drafted or signed by the clients;
  • Consult and support the clients to resolve disputes and litigation related to the contract.