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- 10 / 02 / 2020 -
Some guidelines on procedures for returning Vietnamese nationality

On February 3, 2020, the Government issued Decree No. 16/2020 / ND-CP guiding the law of Vietnamese nationality. This Decree takes effect from March 20, 2020.
Accordingly, the application for restoration of Vietnamese nationality is guided in Article 3, Decree 16/2020 / ND-CP with the following main contents:
About receiving agencies:
Applicants for restoration of Vietnamese nationality may directly submit or send dossiers via the postal system to the agencies competent to process dossiers according to the provisions of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality and this Decree, without commission. the right for others to submit an application, including: provincial-level Justice Department, overseas Vietnamese representative agency, part-time representative agency or representative agency which is most convenient (in case of absence of a representative office). face).
Legal requirements on records:
In cases where the law stipulates that the papers to be submitted are copies, the applicants for nationality-related matters may submit papers which are copies from originals, authenticated copies from originals or copies granted from original book. If you submit a copy from the original, you must have the original for comparison; the person who receives the inspection record, compares the copy with the original and signs for reconciliation.
If the application is sent by the postal system, the copy of the paper must be certified from the original or issued from the original register; Applications, declarations and curriculum vitae must be certified with signatures according to the provisions of law.
Processing of records
The person handling the file is responsible for checking the validity of the documents in the file. In case the dossier is not complete and valid, the instructions will be supplemented and completed. If the dossier is complete and valid, the person who receives the dossier shall record it in the acceptance book and issue a record of acceptance of the dossier in the prescribed form to the applicant. In case the application is sent by the postal system, the person who receives the application will send a Receipt note to the applicant through the postal system.
Returns results:
Results of handling of nationality are paid directly or sent by the postal system to the requester. The person who requests for the results to be sent by the post system must pay the costs for returning the results to the postal system.
The promulgation of Decree 16/2020 / ND-CP plays an important role in ensuring that procedures related to Vietnamese nationality are carried out properly and consistently. At the same time, the Decree helps people to grasp the order of implementation, openness and transparency of administrative procedures.