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- 22 / 07 / 2018 -
Promulgating the Regulation on the provision of information to citizens

On July 12, 2018, the Ministry of Information and Communication issued Decision No.1164/QD-BTTTT on the regulation of providing information to citizens. This Decision took effect from the date of its promulgation.
Accordingly, the Decision No.1164/QD-BTTTT contains the following new noteworthy points:
1. On the division of responsibilities
– The Minister is in charge of providing general information to citizens in the field of direct responsibility, the Deputy Ministers shall provide guidance for the provision of information to citizens in the assigned fields.
– The Office of the Ministry is the focal point for receiving information and information delivery requests, the Information Center is responsible for ensuring technical conditions and updating the information at Section on access to information on the Portal of Ministry of Information and Communications.
2. On information disclosure
– For information to be disclosed in accordance with regulations, the units responsible for information creation shall be responsible for reviewing and checking the confidentiality of information and for eliminating unauthorized citizen information, information citizens have access to conditions before publicity.
– The units under the Ministry are responsible for coordinating with the Ministry Office and the Information Center to publish the electronic version in the column on access to information on the Information Portal of the Ministry of Information and Communication. Where the information is published in other categories on the electronic portal, the list of public information must include the information access path.
3. Providing information as required
– The Ministry’s Office shall receive the request for information directly at the Ministry of Information and Communications. Where the information on the request form is not specific and clear, the Ministry’s Office shall guide the applicant to supply additional information according to regulations.
– The Ministry’s Office shall update the request for supply of information in the monitoring book to supply information on request and make a receipt card for information supply, clearly stating the time limit for settling the request for supply of information is 10 working days.
Through detailed and specific regulations on the provision of information to citizens, Decision No.1164/QD-BTTTT was assessed to ensure the right of people to have access to information and at the same time contribute to strengthening the control and management of competent state agencies in the provision of information to citizens.