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- 06 / 07 / 2018 -
Detailed provisions and measures to implement the Law on access to information

On January 23,2018, the government issued Decree No.13/2018/ND-CP namely provided and the solution to implement the Law Access to information. This Decree took effect since July 01, 2018.

Accordingly, Decree No.13/2018/ND-CP clearly provides solutions for granting favorable opportunities for the disabled and those who reside in border regions, islands, mountainous regions, areas faced to extremely difficult social and economic conditions to practice their right of access to information. At the same time the Decree also provides about accessing to information of citizens via organization, enterprises and a form of requesting for information and solutions to implement Law on access to information. Specifically:

  1. The head of organizations take responsible for applicants request for information can use their cell phone and other technology equipment to photocopy, duplication documents. Arrange locations to read, listen, watch, write, photocopy, duplication information to directly provide information at agencies. Arrange suitable equipment at headquarters to provide information and make favorable conditions for people access to information by photos, videos and provide other listening and seeing information.
  2. Increase time for transmission, broadcast news for the kind of information that relates to institution, policy of people who reside in border regions, islands, mountainous regions, areas faced to extremely difficult social and economic conditions.
  3. Base on the true conditions, the state agencies establish their web portal to provide basic functions to support the disabled can access to and use information and the media for accessing to information that posted on the Portal, Website.
  4. The state facilitates and encourages enterprises, organizations and individual use advanced scientific, technology in establishment a public information system; upgrade, invest specialized equipment to serve for activities of accessing to information of the state in border regions, islands.

By issuing Decree No.13/2018/ND-CP, the Government has created a specific legal framework to support all citizens, especially those living in remote areas, people with disabilities have access to information more easily and conveniently. Thereby contributing to better protection of citizen rights and human rights in the spirit of the 2013 Constitution.