Banks raise deposit interest rates
In need of raising medium and long term capital, which serves business activities at the end of the year and reduction in the ratio ...
Franchise explosion in Vietnam
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6 leading economic sectors in Central region
There are 6 coastal and marine economic sectors mainly developed in the Central region, which creating positives results ...
91.9% companies are optimistic about production activities in the last 6 months this year
FDI companies sector is witnessed a positive production volume, 91.1% of which are expected to increase or remain their volume ...
CPTPP makes shift of Vietnam from deficit to surplus
Most signed free trade agreements (FTA) have reflected that Vietnam always run deficit trend ...
- 01 / 04 / 2018 -
If the business registration is a necessary condition for a enterprise to operate legally and protected by the goverment, then the business licenses are a sufficient condition to demonstrate the permission of the government to the enterprises. For the industries which the investment law and relevant laws stipulate that they must satisfy all related conditions, the enterprises only can conduct such trading when they fully meet the conditions prescribed by the law, such as: business license, business qualification certificate, professional practice certificate, professional liability insurance certificate, legal capital requirements or other requirements.
Regarding to the legal procedures for applying for conditional business licenses, BIZLAWYER is ready to provide our clients with consulting, supporting and representative services quickly and effectively to perform the legal procedures, including the following main services:
  • Permit for labor export service activities;
  • Domestic/international travel business license;
  • License to operate foreign language center (computing);
  • Decision to establish preschool/kindergarten;
  • Decision on recognition class of tourist accommodation;
  • Minutes of eligibility for Fire Prevention and Fighting;
  • Certificate of satisfaction of safe security;
  • Notification of operation of real estate trading floor;
  • License to open a representative office in a foreign country.
  • License for eligible casino business;
  • License for automobile transportation business;
  • License for promotions;
  • License to operate ICP website;
  • Certificate of satisfaction of food safety and hygiene conditions;
  • License for online video game business;
  • Certificate of qualified clinic. (Business of polyclinics, special clinics);
  • License for advertising;
  • License for artistic performance;
  • License for vocational training;
  • Certificate of qualified of film production;
  • License for multi-level marketing;
  • License for alcohol production;
  • License for the printing industry;
  • Certificates of satisfaction of food safety and hygiene;
  • Certificate of product standard announcement (after obtaining the certificate of food safety and hygiene);
  • Certificate of product standard;
  • Licenses for production of veterinary medicine;
  • Registration of environmental protection commitments; Or Environmental Protection Scheme (For the business fields affecting the environment: scrap/waste fabric business, production industry);
  • Certificate of imported product standards.
Regarding the procedures in the field of Intellectual Property, BIZLAWYER is ready to provide our clients with consulting, supporting and representative services quickly and effectively to perform the legal procedures, including the following main services:
  • Register the protection of trade names;
  • Register the protection of trademarks;
  • Register the amendment, transfer, extension of the certificate of registered trademarks;
  • Register for copyright;
  • Consult and carry out transfer/handover copyright procedures;
  • Register the protection of industrial designs;
  • Register patents, utility solutions and industrial designs;
  • Register trademarks, patents, designs, and copyrights at oversea;
  • Register and conduct legal activities related to domain names;
  • Consult the transferring of the right to use or the ownership of intellectual property objects which are protected in Vietnam;
  • Consult, draft contract, registration of license contracts, assign trademarks, technology transfer;
  • Carry out the procedures for the approval, registration of licenses and technology transfer.