Banks raise deposit interest rates
In need of raising medium and long term capital, which serves business activities at the end of the year and reduction in the ratio ...
Franchise explosion in Vietnam
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6 leading economic sectors in Central region
There are 6 coastal and marine economic sectors mainly developed in the Central region, which creating positives results ...
91.9% companies are optimistic about production activities in the last 6 months this year
FDI companies sector is witnessed a positive production volume, 91.1% of which are expected to increase or remain their volume ...
CPTPP makes shift of Vietnam from deficit to surplus
Most signed free trade agreements (FTA) have reflected that Vietnam always run deficit trend ...
- 01 / 04 / 2018 -
Import-export; customs
Import – Export is mandatory for parties in international trade relations; Customs declaration is a series of important work to ensure that export – import is done properly, sufficiently and promptly in business activities and ensure the compliance with the law. These are tasks and procedures that require specialized professional skills and must regularly update the new regulations of the law. Therefore, if there is no preparation of accurate and knowledgeable customs laws when implemented, it is possible to encounter many difficulties in the course of operation, thus affecting the time and progress of delivery as well as business opportunities. Regarding the import-export activities and customs, in order to ensure legal issues and prevent all risks for the clients, BIZLAWYER provides the following legal services:
  • Consult the customs policies, procedures and documents on importing and exporting goods of the enterprises;
  • Consult the procedures and documents for international banking payment – Letter of Credit (L/C);
  • Consult the import-export types: non-trade, trade, temporary import for re-export, temporary export for re-import, etc;
  • Consult the commodity management policies by specialized agencies: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;
  • Consult and carry out the documents for applying for tax refund, tax reduction and tax exemption for a number of special goods;
  • Consult the documents and services of import and export with merchandise;
  • Consult the documents and services of import and export with goods: temporary import – re-export;
  • Consult the documents and implementation of import-export services with investment goods;
  • Consult the documents and implementation of import-export services with outsourced goods;
  • Consult the documents and conduct import and export services with goods for export production, export processing, on-spot export/import;
  • Consult the documents and implementation services and customs services for non-trade goods (aid, diplomacy, etc.);
  • Customs services for other special cases.