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- 16 / 02 / 2020 -
Ensuring logistics for prevention and control of nCoV epidemic in the locality.

On February 1, 2020, the Ministry of Health issued Directive No. 398 / BYT-KHTC instructing the logistics assurance for nCoV epidemic prevention in localities.
Accordingly, the Ministry of Health requires the Department of Health to carry out the following:
1. To advise the Provincial People’s Committee to direct and organize the strict implementation of Official Telegraph No. 121 / CD-TTg of January 23, 2020, Directive No. 05 / CT-TTg of January 28, 2020 of the Prime Minister Government, Directive 03 / CT-BYT dated 22/01/2020 of the Ministry of Health on strengthening the prevention and control of acute respiratory infections caused by nCoV and guiding documents of the Ministry of Health.
2. Strengthen medical quarantine at international border gates, verification supervision to detect suspected cases early.
3. Directing the organization of the permanent prevention and contain new disease caused by nCoV 24/24 hours.
4. Formulating a budget plan to ensure the prevention of epidemics proposed with the provincial People’s Committee.
– Ensure funding for preventive medicine facilities to purchase necessary materials, chemicals and equipment to prevent and combat epidemics at each epidemic level, especially testing chemicals in case of strong spread of epidemic. at the community. Require units to ensure adequate personal protective equipment for health workers participating in the prevention and control of epidemic, not to infect health workers.
– Ensure funding for local hospitals to manage the preparation of chemicals, drugs, supplies and equipment needed for treatment units according to each level of translation, especially chemical testing. in case the epidemic spreads strongly in the community. Require hospitals to ensure adequate personal protective equipment for doctors, nurses, nurses, drivers (caregivers and patient contacts), not to infect staff medical.
– Ensure funding for payment of anti-epidemic allowances, permanent 24-hour anti-epidemic allowances, expenses for collaborators and volunteers participating in anti-epidemic group A in accordance with Article 3 of Decision No. 73/2011 / QD-TTg dated 28/12/2011 of the Prime Minister stipulating a number of specific allowances for civil servants, public employees and employees in public health facilities and allowance regime anti-epidemic.
The Ministry of Health requires directors of provincial / municipal Health Departments to urgently implement it.
The above directive creates a unified and synchronized plan across the country in the urgent prevention and control of epidemic as at present.