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- 29 / 07 / 2018 -
Adjustment of petrol and oil prices applied from 3pm on July 23, 2018

On July 23, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Official Dispatch No.5778/BCT-TTTN on operating gasoline business. This Official Dispatch took effect from 3pm on the same day.
Accordingly, Official Dispatch No.5778/BCT-TTTN has adjusted the petrol and oil prices in the direction of reduction, specifically as follows:
1. The base price of petrol and oil at the period of publication compared to the base price of the preceding period (07/7/2018):
– E5 RON 92 petrol: 20,464 VND/liter, decreased by 69 VND/liter
– RON 95 III petrol: 21,272 VND/liter, decreased by 66 VND/liter
– 0.05S diesel oil: 17,242 VND/liter, decreased by 213 VND/liter
– Paraffin: 16,174 VND/liter, decreased by 69 VND/liter
– 180CST 3.5S Mazut: 14,826 VND/kg, decreased by 116 VND/kg
2. Deduction for setting petrol and oil price stabilization fund: Keeping the level of deduction for the petrol and oil price stabilization fund for current petrol and oil items.
3. Payment of petrol and oil price stabilization charges for petrol and oil items:
– E5 RON 92 petrol: 853 VND/liter;
– RON 95 petrol: 95 VND/liter;
– Mazut: 70 VND/kg.
4. After setting aside and spending the petrol price stabilization fund as mentioned above, the price of common petrol products to be sold on the market shall no more than:
– E5 RON 92 petrol: not higher than 19,611 VND/liter;
– RON 95 III petrol: not higher than 21,177 VND/liter;
– 0.05S diesel oil: not higher than 17,242 VND/liter;
– Paraffin: not higher than 16,174 VND/liter;
– 180CST 3.5S Mazut: not higher than 14,756VND/kg.
Thus, based on the actual price of petroleum products in the world from July 8, 2018 to July 22, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has adjusted the price of petrol in Vietnamese market.