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- 06 / 07 / 2018 -
Revised the objectives of the National Strategy on Gender Equality during 2011-2020

On June 02, 2018, the Prime Minister issued Decision No.800/QD-TTg amending and supplementing some contents of the National Strategy on Gender Equality during 2011-2020. This Decision took effect from the date of its promulgation.

Accordingly, Decision No.800/QD-TTg has revised some objectives of the National Strategy on Gender Equality, specifically as follows:

  1. Setting the target by 2020, the literacy rate of women aged 15-60 is about equal to that of men (98%), of which the percentage of literate in 14 provinces with difficult socio-economic conditions is 94%, the percentage of literate ethnic minority people reaches 90%;;
  2. Striving to have at least 2 categories of propaganda on gender equality on grassroots information systems in communes, wards and townships by 2020;
  3. By 2020, at least 50% of the victims of domestic violence will be provided with psychological and legal counseling, support and health care at the violence victim’s facilities and 75% of domestic violence survivors are found at the level not yet examined for penal liability, they shall be consulted at counseling centers for domestic violence prevention and control;

In addition, Decision No.800/QD-TTg also amended and supplemented a number of key measures for the implementation of the Strategy, including: formulation, approval and implementation planning work which is linked to the work of arranging, using, evaluating, training and compensating female cadres, civil servants and officials for positions and titles of leaders and managers at state agencies with specific targets and feasible solutions; to annually review, adjust and supplement the plannings.

It can be seen that, through the Decision No.800/QD-TTg, the Prime Minister has made specific and timely adjustments on gender equality in line with the socio-economic development in new stage, from which to enhance the understanding of the people, enhance the sense of responsibility in building a civilized and progressive society.