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- 19 / 05 / 2018 -
Regulations on the implementation of projects on afforestation, protection and development of forests

On May 14, 2018, the Ministry of Planning and Investment issued Circular No.02/2018/TT-BKHDT regulating the implementation of projects on afforestation, protection and development of forests. The Circular took effect since June 19, 2018.

Accordingly, Circular No.02/2018/TT-BKHTT specifies some contents as follows:

  1. Investors shall sign contracts on afforestation, protection and development of forests with households and groups of households participating in afforestation, including guidance on technical designs and forecasts of approved silvicultural works. Local people, when allocated land for afforestation and forest development, can self-reforest and receive support according to the prescribed norms.
  2. For forest land allocated to local people for long-term stability, local people are allowed to plant forest. The area planted to the forest will be prioritized for calculating into the project of afforestation, protection and development of forests of provincial level and local people would receive support in accordance with the regulations.
  3. For afforestation land of equitized agricultural and forestry companies under the Decree No.118/2014/ND-CP by the Government on December 17, 2014, which is owned by the State over 50% of the charter capital, when receive support to implement the afforestation project shall be signed the long-term stable contract with households.
  4. For the planting of scattered trees, investors shall organize the planting of seedlings or sign contracts on the purchase of seedlings, plan the planting and organize the registration of planting subjects, inwhich clearly stating the planting sites, planting time, crop type.

Therefore, it can be seen that Circular No.02/2018/TT-BKHDT has promptly provided specific guidance on forest protection and development policies in a way that encouraging the implementation of forest protection and development projects, planting forests, zoning for regeneration for investors, and at the same time, creating more jobs for people in the area implemented these projects.