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- 09 / 06 / 2018 -
Measures to support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the transport sector

On May 28, 2018, the Ministry of Transport issued Official Dispatch No.5559/BGTVT-QLDN reporting on the status of disclosure information to support small and medium-sized enterprises under the Law on support for small and medium-sized enterprises. This Official Letter takes effect from the date of its promulgation.

Accordingly, Official Dispatch No.5559/BGTVT-QLDN provides measures to support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the transportation sector as follows:

  1. The Information Technology Center of the Ministry of Transport shall have the responsibility to guide agencies and units in providing information and receiving information on support for small and medium-sized enterprises, setting up a separate category on supporting information for small and medium-sized enterprises to publicize relevant information on the Portal of the Ministry of Transport.
  2. Dependent units of the Ministry shall have to review and gather information on plans, programs, projects and activities to support for small and medium-sized enterprises, including information such as business instructions, information on credit, markets, products, technology, business incubation and other information according to the needs of the enterprises.

Through the Official Dispatch No.5559/BGTVT-QLDN, the Ministry of Transport has expressed interest in small and medium-sized enterprises, allowing them to have access to a wide range of information resources in the transportation sector to quickly grasp opportunities for business development and expansion.