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- 22 / 07 / 2018 -
Protection of the denunciator

On June 12, 2018, National Assembly passed Law No.25/2018/QH14 on denunciation. Law of Denunciation in 2018 will take effect from 01/01/2019.
Accordingly, Law on Denunciation 2018 provides on protection of the denouncers as follows:
1. Protection of denunciators is protection of denunciators’ information confidentiality; Protection of their position, job, life, health, assets, honor, dignity (collectively referred to as the protected person). Denunciators are protected their private information, except they disclose themselves.
2. Denunciation solver have responsible for protecting information confidentiality, position, job of protected person that under their management right and other protection content if under their authority. In cases. There they fall beyond their competence, request competent agencies, organizations or individuals to apply protective measures. Agencies receiving and verifying contents of denunciations shall have to protect the information of denunciators.
3. Protection measures are applied as follows:
– Protection of confidentiality of information: Keep confidential full names, addresses, autographs and other personal information of denunciators in the process of exploiting and using information and documents supplied by the denunciators; arranging time and place, select appropriate working methods to protect the information of denunciators when directly working with the the denounced persons, concerned agencies, organizations and individuals.
– Method of protecting denunciators’ position, job: Temporarily suspending or partially or wholly annulling the decision on discipline handling or other decisions infringing upon protected person’s rights and legitimate interests. Restoring the protected person’s working position, job, incomes and other legitimate interests from employment. Arrange other work for the protected person if they agree to avoid being stigmatized or discriminated against.
– Method of protection of denunciators’ lives, health, property, honor, dignity and prestige: taking the protected person to safe place; Request the person who commit acts of infringing upon to the protected person’s life, health, assets, honor, dignity to stop the violation.
Therefore, it can be seen that Law on Denunciation 2018 established clear mechanisms for protecting denunciators, this encourages citizens to exercise their right to denounce and contribute to the protection of the interests of the State, rights and legitimate interests of agencies, organizations and individuals and raise the effectiveness and efficiency of state management activities and stabilize the country’s socio-economic situation.