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- 19 / 05 / 2018 -
Measures to strengthen the state management of sand resources

On May 10, 2018, the Prime Minister issued Official Letter No.602/TTg-CN on a number of measures to strengthen the state management for activities of exploiting, trading and export of sand resources.The Official Letter took effect from the date of its promulgation.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister hereby guides the following specific contents:

  1. Not exporting raw minerals (including sand); only export of deeply processed and valuable products. For silica white sand and yellow sand for casting, but have signed export contracts with foreign partners before September 15, 2017, in accordance with current export laws is permited to continue exporting.
  2. The Ministry of Construction shall assume the prime responsibility, coordinate with concerned agencies in evaluating the overall supply and demand of silica sand in the world and in the domestic; to coordinate with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in proposing solutions to exploit, process and use effectively and sustainably for socio-economic development; to promptly adjust the planning on the exploration, exploitation and use of minerals for use as construction materials and submit them to the Prime Minister for consideration and decision.
  3. The Ministry of Construction need agree with the Ministry of Justice on study and elaboration of legal documents on conditions for export of minerals to be used as construction materials in accordance with regulations; to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the Ministry of Finance and concerned agencies in formulating mechanisms and policies on taxes, thus creating legal grounds for the management of sand resources.
  4. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment shall coordinate with the Ministry of Construction and concerned ministries in studying the overall planning of minerals, including sand.

It can be seen that, through the issuance of Official Letter No.602/TTg-CN, the Prime Minister has specific and timely guidance, thereby contributing to improving management effectiveness of State agencies for the exploitation and use of sand resources is suitable with the social demands, at the same time ensuring the reduction of adverse impacts on the environment.