Banks raise deposit interest rates

In need of raising medium and long term capital, which serves business activities at the end of the year and reduction in the ratio ...

Franchise explosion in Vietnam

Franchise has facilitated many foreign brands to break into Vietnam. In addition to franchise industry for food, beverage or education, franchising in goods retail industry is ...

6 leading economic sectors in Central region

There are 6 coastal and marine economic sectors mainly developed in the Central region, which creating positives results ...

91.9% companies are optimistic about production activities in the last 6 months this year

FDI companies sector is witnessed a positive production volume, 91.1% of which are expected to increase or remain their volume ...

CPTPP makes shift of Vietnam from deficit to surplus

Most signed free trade agreements (FTA) have reflected that Vietnam always run deficit trend, however, in July 2019, this trend is changing into surplus thanks to CPTPP implementation ...

- 01 / 04 / 2018 -

目前越南改革开放和一体化的政策体现政府的鼓励,越南法律对回国越侨和外国人在越南投资、经营、生活、工作的规定相当 “开放”以及保证他们的资产和人身在越南的合法权利。然而,由于这些对象的特殊性质,因此法律上还有约束力的规定条件,另外严格的法律手续程序让不少人感到不熟悉因他们不充分了解越南法律规定和实际情况。为了协助越侨和外国人顺利地度过这些障壁,快速融入越南社会环境,BIZLAWYER乐意快速、有效地提供给客户咨询服务、支持和代办理法律手续,包括下列主要服务:

  1. 外国人申请工作证的手续
  2. 外国人申请临时居留证的手续
  3. 外国人申请签证的手续
  4. 外国投资者申请签证的手续
  5. 临时居留证因遗失/损坏而申请重发的手续
  6. 工作证申请重发手续
  7. 工作证申请延期手续
  8. 为外国人在越南购买/承租房屋提供法律咨询和办理手续
  9. 外国人收养越南子女的手续
  10. 外国人申请换发驾驶执照的服务